Kuvings Silent Juicer SC Series With Detachable Smart Cap, Chrome

 Kuvings Silent Juicer SC Series With Detachable Smart Cap, Chrome Buy Now on Amazon.com

Kuvings Silent Juicer SC Series With Detachable Smart Cap, Chrome was listed on Amazon for $549.99, selling for $415.00 USD brand new. Manufactured by GMP Distribution. There are 6 units left brand new.

Some great features of this product include:

  • Low speed masticating technology – Minimizes oxidation and preserves healthy nutrients
  • Quiet operation – Motor operates quietly at 80 rpm and minimizes the noise level (40-50 dB)
  • BPA free components – Juicing bowl and juice cup are made with Eastman Triton
  • Two-step safety start system – Ensures proper assembly and safe operation
  • Juice spout with smart cap – Used to create mixed juice and helps with quick rinsing

1. Feeding tube2. Two Step Safety Start System3. BPA free juicing bowl4. Power switch5. Detachable Smart Cap6. Quiet 240 watt motor Juice Comparison, 30 seconds after extraction. Product Overview The premium Kuvings Silent 950SC Series Juicer features improved low-speed masticating technology that maximizes nutritional value while providing natural flavors with a healthy touch of pulp and fiber. The chrome plated body will provide luxury and sparkle in the kitchen while helping to maintain a clean exterior, preserving color, and preventing erosion. With a powerful 240 watt, low-speed motor, the SC Series efficiently extracts juice without destroying nutrients. The SC Series Juicers come with a user-friendly detachable Smart Cap for easy/quick rinsing and drip-free operation. BPA-Free components help prevent chemical leaching and the included cleaning tool makes cleanup a breeze. The SC Series Juicers are compatible with the Kuvings Frozen Dessert Maker Attachment (sold separately) which allows the juicer to make frozen desserts, mince fruits and vegetables, and even make baby food. Higher Nutritional Value The efficient, low-speed masticating technology presses and extracts juice instead of shredding like high-speed juicers. The juicing screw masticates fruits and vegetables, breaking down the cellular structure and releasing the nutrients and minerals. This technology minimizes oxidation and preserves nutrients and healthy enzymes, producing a fresh, all-natural juice. Quiet Operation The quiet 240 watt motor operates at 80 RPM minimizing noise while extracting the juice without overheating. Two-Step Safety Start System The magnetic safety sensor requires proper assembly to prevent the juicer from operating if parts are assembled incorrectly. The juicer automatically turns off if disassembled during operation. The hopper, with its long feeding tube, helps prevent hands from entering inside the juicer during operation. Patented Cleaning Tool Other Features Chrome Plated Body – A distinctive, contemporary look that complements any kitchen space. It also helps maintain clean exterior, preserving color and preventing material erosion.Direction Control Power Switch -Forward switch pulls down the ingredients to extract and reverse switch pushes up the ingredients to prevent clogging.BPA Free Components -The juicing bowl, pulp cup, and juice cup are made with Eastman Tritan helping you make the right health conscious choice for your family.Ultem Screw and Strainer – The juicing screw and strainer are made with GE Ultem, an extremely durable plastic that is 8 times stronger than other plastics, to withstand heavy-duty juicing. Cleaning Tool -The patented cleaning tool makes clean-up quick and easy. Simply rotate the cleaning tool and the strainer in opposite directions under running water to clean. NEW – Juice Spout with Smart Cap Juice with the Smart Cap closed to mix different fruits, vegetables, and liquids. Closing the Smart Cap allows you to rinse leftover flavors out of the juicing bowl quickly. Close the Smart Cap after juicing to eliminate dripping. Kuvings Frozen Dessert Maker Attachment(sold separately) Specifications: Wattage: 240 W Weight: 18 lbs. Voltage: 120 V Dimensions: 9.7″6.5″X17.2″ Cord Length: 5 ft. Frequency: 60 Hz Speed: 80 rpm UL listed Household use only (US & Canada) 10-year limited warranty Made in South Korea Compare Kuvings Juicers Name Kuvings Centrifugal Juicer Kuvings Masticating Slow Juicer Kuvings Silent Juicer Kuvings Silent Juicer SC Series Model NJ-9310U (White/Orange)NJ-9500U (Silver Pearl)NJ-9500B (Black Pearl)NJ-9700U (Chrome) NJE-3530U (White/Lime)NJE-3540U (White)NJE-3570U (Chrome)NJE-3580U (Silver Pearl) NS-750 (White PearlNS-850 (Silver Pearl)NS-900 (Black Pearl)NS-940 (Burgundy Pearl) NS-950 (Chrome) 901SE (Black/Silver)850SC (Silver Pearl)900SC (Black Pearl)940SC (Burgundy Pearl)950SC (Chrome) Type Centrifugal, pulp ejecting Low speed masticating, horizontal Low speed masticating, vertical Low speed masticating, vertical RPM 9500-11000RPM 80RPM 80RPM 80RPM Motor 350W 170W (Brushless AC) 240W (Brushless AC) 240W (Brushless AC) Feeding Tube Size 3” 1.5”X1.5” 2.25” 2.25”X1.25” Features Stainless steel juicing bowl and juicing screen Wide feeding tube Improved auto-feeding Design Extra multi-purpose nozzles Auto-feed 2 step safety start Ultem screw & Strainer BPA free components Smart Cap Improved extraction system Auto-feed 2 step safety start Ultem screw & Strainer BPA free components Juice Yield Good Best Better Best Juices Wheatgrass Average Best Good Good Pulp in Juice Pulp free Low Medium Low Other Functions Pasta Extruder Crushed Ice Grind spices (With Frozen Dessert Maker) Fruit sorbet Baby food Minced Vegetables Optional Attachment Frozen Dessert Maker Warranty 5 Yrs 5 Yrs 10 Yrs 10 Yrs

Kuvings Silent Juicer SC Series With Detachable Smart Cap, Chrome

Buy Now on Amazon.com

Buy for $415.00 brand new

Save 25% ($134.99) by purchasing on Amazon.com

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