Koziol,Ahoi 3682509 Orange Lemon Squeezer, 3,94X7,87X3,27-Inch

 Koziol,Ahoi 3682509 Orange Lemon Squeezer, 3,94X7,87X3,27-Inch Buy Now on Amazon.com

Koziol,Ahoi 3682509 Orange Lemon Squeezer, 3,94X7,87X3,27-Inch was listed on Amazon for $11.95, selling for $11.43 USD brand new. Manufactured by Koziol. There are 3 units left brand new.

Some great features of this product include:

  • Both bow and stern can be used for pouring
  • Manufactured without the use of softening agents
  • Melamine and BPA Free
  • Koziol has brought creative designs to millions of homes
  • 100-Percent German Made

100-Percent Made in Germany: Koziol has been creating fun award winning designs for the home since 1927 from their factory in Erbach Germany. 100-Percent Environmentally Aware: Less energy is needed to make Koziol products than items made of porcelain, ceramic or glass which results in generating the lowest CO2 emissions. The company’s directive is to make desirable designs responsibly, which means they only use thermoplastics that are 100-Percent recyclable with non-toxic pigments and any waste created during manufacturing is always recycled. Koziol’s award winning designs bring fun in to the home where people least expect it and at a very affordable price, so spread the word and make your house a Koziol home.

Koziol,Ahoi 3682509 Orange Lemon Squeezer, 3,94X7,87X3,27-Inch

Buy Now on Amazon.com

Buy for $11.43 brand new

Save 4% ($0.52) by purchasing on Amazon.com

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