Champion Commercial Juicer G5-PG710

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Champion Commercial Juicer G5-PG710 , selling for  brand new. Manufactured by champion.

Brand New Champion 2000+ Commercial Juicer High-quality performance in a sleek and versatile design, our all new Champion 2000+ juicer has created a standard in the world of juicers. The juicer extracts maximum amount of juice from all your favorite fruits and vegetables instantly and give continues results to make your life all the more healthy and active. Features: Simple design but tough performance Heavy-duty general electric motor Extract juice from various vegetables and fruits and can also be used to make nut butter, sherbets, baby food, and ice cream with coconut milk Designed for commercial uses Versatile engine Easy to maintain Champion 2000+ Commercial Juicer Description The all new G5-PG710 commercial juicer is a sensation and is a great gift for those who wish to make their juice absolutely safe, tasty and of top quality. Designed for heavy-duty, commercial use, the G5-PG710 juicer is model which is anticipated to be used in household but its special heavy duty equipment that performs at 50/60 hertz with a 650 watt motor what makes this a commercial juicer. Now available in two colors, the juicer has excellent operating system with a powerful motor that operates with masticating technology, giving you unparalleled execution of juices and dry pulp. The juicer operates in a very light speed which ensures maximum juice yielding so that you can conserve maximum nutrients and minerals of fruits and vegetables while leaving the driest pulp we have ever seen from an electric juice. Slow speed we mean, slow rotation but juice comes out faster. This results in rich color, taste and solid formation of juice. Another best part of this juicer is that it gives juicer with rich amount of chlorophyll and various vitamins, thus making it excellent in every way. Specifications: Heavy-duty General Electric motor 1/3 horse -powered Available in two colors Performs at 50/60 hertz with a 650 watt motor 1 Body 1 Cutter (Ivory

Champion Commercial Juicer G5-PG710

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